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Flexible and agile. Mobile and open.

Monoliths are being replaced by flexible, agile and mobile providers. Finstar® has been quick to herald this technical shift, which is demanding in every respect. 

"One example of this reorientation is our award-winning concept of open banking interfaces."

Modules from fintech firms and other providers can be connected to Finstar Open Platform via standardized APIs. This results in an ecosystem that meets all bank-specific demands and efficiently supports strategy implementation. The openness is not restricted to our system: thanks to cooperation with partners and banks, we obtain a broad basis from which to face the challenges of innovation and further development. Thus, implementation is time-efficient and cost-efficient because functional enhancements occur via the integration of market-ready products. In this way, we quickly and flexibly provide what you and your markets ask for. This means that we actively help to shape the development of banks and systems on the front line. And make you fit for the future.