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In view of the diversity and variety of banks and their visions, the coexistence of their commercial operations and the consolidation of digital and analog markets, established distinctions, e.g. between universal and private banks, do not get very far in the context of Finstar Open Platform and certainly do not lead to the goal.

"Already now, village and regional banks alike are profiting from our open platform and professional services in their day-to-day work."

For instance, there is a staff fund that uses only a fraction of our complete range of functionalities. However, our system is also central to the concretization of bank-specific strategies and ready for traditional external asset management. With an eye on (in every sense) far-reaching future changes, we make Finstar Open Platform open to fintech firms with new approaches. Whatever the ideas, models, strategies and visions of our banks and non-banks might be: our solution is open, and we are open. This is because it does not matter what Finstar® was conceived for yesterday, what it can do today. All that matters is what tomorrow's financial service providers need. This is why terms like "private" or "universal" bank are highly inadequate. Just be a bank. Or don't be. We take care of the rest. Because: we can also do it differently.

You can already get to know our customers digitally today. For an analog meeting with us, please contact info@finstar.ch.

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