The trio Grande

Continually modernized, our software offers you full functionality for payment, financing and investment. In short: the Trio Grande of banking. For the corresponding processes to remain efficient and up to date, they are not defined by a rigid workflow.

«Our virtual banking intelligence learns something new from every order, every transaction, optimizing procedures and adapting.»

Much like how banks and bankers have to face new challenges daily. Regardless of whether it's at the counter, on the desktop or via the mobile, media management provides you, as a bank consultant, bank customer, asset manager or fintech firm, with the required content in a media-compatible and timely manner. At the back end, channel management takes care of the allocation of all information from stock exchanges and brokers, vendors and agents, settlement centers and clearing centers. This ensures that you have not only state-of-the-art banking software, but also the latest information for the processing of your bank transactions.

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Finstar enables the connection of partner products as well as the easy integration of third-party systems.
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