Rock-solid basis

The financial kernel is the stable basis for direct, secure, time and cost-efficient processing of high-quality, efficient banking and financial transactions.

«The security protects the whole Finstar Open Platform, as well as external solutions connected to the kernel via standardized system interfaces.»

The kernel also offers maximum assurance of the modules' up-to-dateness in terms of banking. The regulations module incorporates the very latest legal requirements. Bank controlling allows operational management of the bank on the basis of comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date data. The financial accounting module meets a range of different standards and also satisfies the desire for timely and modern accounting. The configurator offers the option of bank-specific optimizations, so that you can use Finstar Open Platform and its individual modules optimally, for your success and the success of your bank.

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Finstar enables the connection of partner products as well as the easy integration of third-party systems.
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