Technical development aid


Maximum openness also manifests itself in our platform as a service, PaaS for short. With this service, we give third parties the opportunity to further develop their software and organization. To prioritize their projects in line with your strategy, and to drive them onward with the necessary resources. To invest in valuable software instead of expensive hardware.

«For this purpose, we provide you with the technical infrastructure, including data processing systems, data storage, networks and the necessary interfaces.»

So on our platform, you can develop, test, use and manage all bank-specific solutions in the cloud. Your developers focus on development and we take care of the rest. Here, "as a service" means that you profit from a rapidly scalable infrastructure that meets the latest demands in every respect. So that projects will be quicker to lift off from our platform, to gain altitude and to fly.

Are you interested in using our Platform as a Service? Contact us for more details.