Ready for a new era


In a nutshell, migration means the dawn of a new era. Because with Finstar®, banks are perhaps not quite reaching for the stars, but definitely for the future.

«By changing to our platform, you are leaping ahead by years. Often by decades.»

You are confronted with new interpretations of traditional banking, with changed processes and the current possibilities of innovative technologies. Migration plays the main role in ensuring that the changeover occurs as efficiently as possible and is accepted by all users, and that the new solution quickly becomes productive. In every respect though, it is a very demanding and multilayered process. One that requires something more from our experts and from all bank staff, especially management. And as we have successfully carried out numerous migrations, we have all the processes, protocols, checklists and scenarios for slim project execution. And we have the necessary experience with which to accompany systems (and, above all, people) into the new era of banking. From the conception and preparation to the cutover and through to the final fine tuning.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the migration of core banking systems. We look forward to your inquiry.