Not expensive. Valuable.

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The claim of being from bankers for bankers applies most of all to the consulting. Because our consultants are primarily bankers, who are intensively involved with Finstar® on a daily basis. They do not have vague knowledge of the system from running it in a development environment. They know their software from productively using it in conjunction with all facets of daily work and procedures.

«Our consultants are not mediators between IT and business, they represent the interests of the bank.»

Alongside the regulatory and professional requirements, they also know the processes and possibilities of Finstar Open Platform. And as they make banking the central factor, perspectives shift: the question is not what the platform can do, but what you as bankers need. In this way, we optimize processes and applications, getting the best out of the combination of people and machines with the support of cutting-edge technologies. We make you fit to face your daily challenges. So good advice is not expensive. Good consulting is valuable.

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