Your structure. Our infrastructure.


Private banks. Universal banks. Asset managers. Insurance companies. Staff funds. One-man show. A trio. Hundreds of employees. The orientations and sizes of our customer banks are as different as their demands are specific. Not just in terms of software. Also with regard to infrastructure.

«With infrastructure as a service, we provide you with customized high-performance hardware, operating systems and innovative technologies, such as virtualizations.»

We take care of operations 24/7/365 – and 366 once every four years. We attend to the maintenance and administration. We integrate the latest technical and regulatory updates. If you need additional resources, we make them available to you – on budget and on time. In parallel, we arrange the modernization of infrastructure. All the while, thanks to our system, you can concentrate on what you do best: banking.

Do you want to outsource everything related to infrastructure? Contact us for more details.