Based on proven processes


Apparently, there are banks that laboriously adapt their old processes to their modern software. That would be possible with Finstar® – there has to be that amount of flexibility and openness. But it would make no sense. Because in parallel to banking, the technological resources, and thus the processes, have also changed enormously. And they keep changing every day – to the advantage of bankers.

«With the support of machines, you focus on the personal customer consultation, only exerting an influence where you achieve the maximum effect.»

Thanks to our business process as a service, you can rely on proven efficient processes. Those on our technical platform run identically and more frequently – which saves costs. And time for the necessary updates: updates for everything. Because along with banking and all technologies, processes must also change. This is why our BPaaS allows adaptation, configuration, integration and scaling of our processes. And as bankers are behind the creation and further development of Finstar®, when it comes to professional and regulatory aspects, our processes are ready for you. For today. For the future

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