More experts. More Finstar.

«In order to enhance and scale our immense internal know-how as purposefully as possible, we cooperate with experts in a dense network.»

This gives us a broad basis, not only for programming the software, but also for generating ideas and innovations. It keeps us at eye level with our customers, with the most innovative technologies and with the latest regulations. And as an open ecosystem, new approaches are brought to us increasingly often by third parties. This means that as our platform and network grow, so too does your assurance: that everything is efficiently moving forward in the right direction. Which is what you, your customers and the markets demand. In this sense, our dense network is also a safety net – for more Finstar® with less risk.

Finstar Open Platform is highly integrated banking software. It is constantly being developed further by a dedicated team in close cooperation with external partners.

On the one hand, our current and future users profit from our modern core banking, with maximum functionality and minimum cost. On the other hand, our customers are a central part of our active and innovative community, with representatives of (currently) 11 customer banks, and staff from both Finstar® and partners. The Finstar community plays a key role in purposeful further development of its software and services. Because the system is guided into the future of banks and banking on the basis of feedback from developers, operators and users. In the interests of transparent communication, a topic-driven meeting is held annually. The corresponding information is cultivated by means of regular information via digital media. This is supplemented by situational, personal exchanges of opinions and experiences from banker to banker, to which considerable importance is attached within the community.